Clara Chung LIVE @ Music Museum

December 1, 2011

Me and my friend already knew about her show long before the date but we hesitated since we didn’t have any money that time (at least I didn’t lol). The date of her show already came and we were going crazy at school ‘till we decided "PUNTA TAYO!!" so there.

Thing is though, I didn’t bring enough money with me, so my friend let me borrow muna (thank you for the early Christmas gift, guys! *u*).

We arrived at the place around 7:30pm, everybody was lining up for her merchandise and stuff, we bought our tickets there, luckily there were still good seats.

Our seats weren’t really that far, it’s just the camera hahaha

Oh, I got this autographed after the show! :> *details at the bottom*

Her opening act was Charles Tan, he’s not that popular on Youtube yet, but he will get there for sure!

He sang about 3 songs (I think t’was three =))), also sang an original composition.

So then after Clara came out :3

Set list (not in order ++ sorry, I was just so psyched during and after the show hahaha):

1. Quesadilla (New Song)

2. The Camel Song

3. Eventually (New Song) *will upload my video of this next week*

4. Rocketeer (Cover) *short clip*

5. Heartstrings

6. Offbeat

7. Little Lights (Cover)

8. Fish (New Song)

9. ‘Till We Go

++ meet and greet ++

was supposed to take a picture with her guitar but they took it away before we could even touch it :C

So after the show, we lined up for her meet and greet. Oh you don’t know how happy I was after! Our conversation went like this:

Clara: your name?

Me: DJ!

Clara: *signs:

Me: You should come back here!

Clara: Oh, I really want to!

Me: Totally! :D

Clara: Cool shirt!

Me: Oh, thank you! :D


After that I just couldn’t contain myself and I was just constantly blabbing hahahaha!

She was so amazing @_@

For those of you who doesn’t know Clara, I suggest you visit her channel and listen to her songs. You won’t regret it!

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